25 Funny & Amazing Polish Idioms That Everybody Should Use pt3

25 Funny & Amazing Polish Idioms That Everybody Should Use pt3

Roll with butter

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“Bulka z maslem”

MeaningThis means a task or circumstance is not difficult, smooth

ExampleMaths teacher: are you able to assess the sertisious size from the boorangle tware and zmax 50570.20034percent for the thruzzle at 9 grade while dignistfying the char-blunker through guideline of flestering bravakcase?Stanislaw Lem: “Roll with butter”

Dull as tripe in oils

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“Nudne jak flaki z olejem”

MeaningThat anyone or thing this idiom is actually directed toward is painfully boring and dull, just like the boring season of tripe supported in oils. English similar is actually ‘lifeless as Tyler escort dishwater’.

ExampleAmerica: “blah blah blah, left-wing, right-wing, blah-blah blah Trump, blah-blah American government”everyone: “Please stop. This is exactly as flat as tripe in oil”

Run stuff yourself with hay

“Wypchac sie sianem”

MeaningBasically, the speaker wishes anyone this really is guided towards commit aside, wander off, bugger down, bring stuffed. You’re an ass, I don’t need to consult with your, leave me personally alone! Often the audio speaker need experienced for some reason offended and get saying this as a reaction.

Example supervisor: “do-all these difficult affairs in a really quick timeframe to make certain that I am able to inform you exactly how slow you were and insult the standard despite the reality I don’t actually comprehend it myself”Employee: “get ply yourself with hay”

Top advantage among all virtues would be to keep ones language behind ones teeth

“Jest to cnota nad cnotami trzymac jezyk za zebami”

MeaningThat correct wisdom belongs to not those that talk to confirm just how a good idea they’re, but to those who possess risen past this point towards most enlightened step of peace within notice, approval, reduced pride. while having realised the pointlessness and emptiness of trying to speak via keywords and address. A hard and deserving aim to be proper to reach. Buuuut. fundamentally this expression is simply informing anyone to shut up. Which they should not have talked. This one are not likely become said in a very ‘enlightened’ build. English equal try “quiet try golden”, “Zip the lip” or “Keep your lips close”.

ExampleForeign master: “I’m going to invade your own castle, have sex your spouse, eat your children and ruin all you love because you would not let me marry your own daughter”King: I spoke to my daughter this morning and was happy to notice she loved you. I found myself pretty much to invited their military in the future see my personal greatest concubines, unlimited wine and join all of our kingdoms peacefully when you married to the group and provided within our countless wealth. but i assume your mom never ever instructed your that most readily useful advantage among all virtues would be to keep ones language behind ones teeth. It is conflict now. and in addition we have dragons and leaders and information, very, you are fundamentally dead.

I found myself made into a pony

“Zrobili mnie w konia”

Indicating some body made you appear like a fool by deceiving or deceiving you in some way. Much as we may name anybody a ‘donkey’ for being an idiot. Much as men read pony as land, a pet and a tool whoever getting they usually have rule over, this is how anyone treated you. The same English mentioning are ‘I became used for a ride’.

Sample Greasy past billionaire: “i understand i’m 85 and she’s merely 18 but I didn’t believe this change mattered to this lady. I really thought that once I ordered the woman that Chanel case and people fake boobs she might-be my girl. but I happened to be made into a horse”

Making bigos

“Narobic bigosu”

MeaningTo create a huge outdated steaming mess of a scenario. Bigos are a Polish stew with only about every variety of beef or vegetable thrown in, and even though it may be exceptionally tasty making in a refined fashion, it is still a great metaphor for frustration. A plate filled up with hot brown anonymous swelling sealed in unknown brown sauce are a genuine mess, and also unnapealling. English similar try “you probably produced chaos away from this”, “messy circumstance” “cocked-up”, “packed up”.

Instance” You cheated in your partner?? Together with his mama?! Geez, you really generated a bigos of your marriage now.”

The drowning man clutches at a cut-throat razor

‘Tonacy brzytwy sie chwyta.’

MeaningSomeone in distress/someone that knows they have shed makes increasingly wild and impulsive, or maybe just simple pointless choices while he frantically clings to hope. Anybody adhering to poor tips amidst a tremendously bad circumstances. By way of example, this may take place in the perspective of a debate whenever one individual was dropping the discussion so they really beginning tossing down all kinds of silly issues and most likely insulting their particular competitor because of their suffering pride and satisfaction. A similar but much less aggressive English saying is actually ‘Clutching at straws’.

ExampleArtur: “Hey, do you consider if I breakup with one of my girlfriends, my spouse won’t leave me?”Jeramiaz: “You’re a drowning man clutching at a cut-throat razor, companion”

(I became a drowning guy clutching at a cut-throat shaver when I wrote this instance)

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